Remco Hoeneveld


Remco Hoeneveld

Drupal and Shopify developer from Rotterdam

I'm a Drupal and Shopify developer based in Rotterdam, and I'm passionate about creating innovative projects in the e-commerce space. With several years of experience as a full-stack developer, I've gained a deep understanding of the technical aspects of web development. I'm thrilled to be part of the iO Digital team, where I can collaborate with talented professionals to deliver exceptional results on every project.

My commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensure that my clients are always satisfied with the end product. Whether I'm building a custom e-commerce platform or integrating third-party tools, I always put my clients' needs first and strive to exceed their expectations. I'm proud to be a valuable asset to the iO Digital team, and I'm committed to contributing to the company's success.



Backend Developer
Backend Developer @ iO
Medior Drupal Developer
Medior Drupal Developer at Atom
Freelance Animator at
Freelance Sounddesigner at
Freelance Webdeveloper at
Junior Drupal Developer
Junior Drupal Developer at Atom
Graduation Thesis Machine Learning
Graduation Thesis at Pionect
Junior Drupal Developer
Junior Drupal Developer at Adfogroep


Student Mediatechnology at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Thorbecke Secondary Education
Havo, Economics & Management

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