NewSkool: Bridging the Gap Between Education and the Workplace

A Collaborative Journey with JVDT [jongensvandetekeningen] - Now known as Flatland

In the ever-changing landscape of education and the job market, I found myself captivated by the NewSkool concept - an innovative approach that seeks to bridge the gap between higher education and professional life. Eager to champion this transformative idea, I teamed up with JVDT (jongensvandetekeningen), now known as Flatland, to create a short animated film that would effectively depict the essence of NewSkool. 

Discovering NewSkool

NewSkool's core mission to support and motivate young professionals in balancing work and studies resonated deeply with me. The prospect of gaining real-world experience while pursuing part-time studies, and then applying that knowledge in practice, was a game-changer for both employees and employers.

Collaborating with Flatland

Teaming up with Flatland, a renowned animation studio celebrated for their creative prowess, was an inspiring journey. Together, we set out to visualize the very heart of the NewSkool concept through an engaging animated film. Drawing on Flatland's expertise in animation and storytelling, I was determined to capture the essence of NewSkool in a visually captivating and easily accessible manner.

Bringing NewSkool to Life

The animated film we co-created served as an eloquent portrayal of the NewSkool concept's significance. Through vibrant visuals and a compelling narrative, our film depicted the journey of young professionals embracing part-time studies while simultaneously gaining invaluable real-world experience.

In the story, we follow the protagonist, a young and ambitious individual - much like myself - who embarks on the path of higher education while already employed. We witness the challenges they face, their moments of triumph, and the transformation that unfolds as they apply their newfound knowledge and insights in their workplace. The film beautifully captured the seamless fusion of theory and practice, showcasing the immense benefits of this harmonious integration.

The Impact of NewSkool

The NewSkool concept goes beyond individual growth; it has far-reaching benefits for employers as well. Encouraging employees to engage in continuous learning equips businesses with up-to-date skillsets, fresh perspectives, and enhanced performance levels. This unique blend of education and employment fosters a more agile and resilient workforce, well-equipped to tackle the complexities of today's world.