The Rumah Rotterdam: Crafting a Blazing Fast Cocktail Pub Website

From Shopify to a Comprehensive Corporate Website: The Evolution of The Rumah Rotterdam's Digital Presence

My journey with The Rumah Rotterdam began with an exciting e-commerce venture. As a freelancer, I had the pleasure of creating their Shopify store, providing a seamless platform for their customers to explore and purchase merchandise. Little did I know that this initial collaboration would lead to a more expansive project, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive corporate website that encompasses all aspects of The Rumah brand.

The Shopify Store: Elevating The Rumah's Merchandise Experience


With a focus on delivering a delightful shopping experience, I crafted The Rumah Rotterdam's Shopify store with attention to detail and a touch of creativity. The online store became a virtual haven for Rumah enthusiasts, where they could browse an array of merchandise that exuded the spirit of The Rumah brand. From stylish apparel to bespoke accessories, visitors could find the perfect memento to take home and cherish the memories of their time at The Rumah Rotterdam.

A Call for a Comprehensive Corporate Website

Impressed with the success of the Shopify store and recognizing the value of a strong digital presence, Daryl, co-owner of The Rumah Rotterdam, approached me with a new vision. He envisioned a corporate website that not only encapsulated the essence of the original Rumah Rotterdam centrum but also showcased their expansions - The Rumah Rotterdam West and The Rumah Rotterdam Workshops. It was a grand undertaking, but the potential to highlight the diversity of The Rumah brand and create a unified online platform was an opportunity I couldn't resist.

The Rumah Rotterdam: A Digital Universe of Experiences

Embracing the challenge, I set out to create a corporate website that encompassed the entire universe of The Rumah Rotterdam. The website became a vibrant hub, celebrating each Rumah location and the unique experiences they offered. Visitors could explore the Rumah Rotterdam centrum, experience the creative energy at Rumah Rotterdam West, and immerse themselves in the captivating workshops at Rumah Rotterdam Workshops - all within a few clicks.


A Digital Home for The Rumah Rotterdam

The key to this project was maintaining the cohesive spirit that defined The Rumah brand. Through meticulous design and thoughtful curation, I ensured that the corporate website retained the charm, warmth, and authenticity of each individual Rumah location. From the visual aesthetics to the engaging content, every aspect of the website reflected the vibrant atmosphere that patrons have come to love at The Rumah Rotterdam.

The completion of The Rumah Rotterdam's comprehensive corporate website was a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the potential of a strong online presence. The website now serves as a digital home for The Rumah Rotterdam, welcoming patrons to immerse themselves in the world of rum, creativity, and community.


In Conclusion: An Ever-Evolving Digital Journey

My journey with The Rumah Rotterdam has been a transformative experience as a freelancer. Starting with a Shopify store and evolving into a comprehensive corporate website, I had the privilege of being a part of The Rumah's digital evolution. It is a testimony to The Rumah Rotterdam's commitment to innovation and excellence, and I am grateful to have contributed to their success.

As the Rumah brand continues to thrive and expand, I carry with me the invaluable lessons from this project - the significance of a strong online presence, the power of unifying diverse elements under a cohesive vision, and the joy of creating digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. Cheers to The Rumah Rotterdam and the exciting journey that lies ahead!