Builded new Additions to together with Ex-Colleague Floris from [Atom]

As a passionate contributor to the dynamic world of technology and innovation, I had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Deployment Matters, a prominent consulting organization at the forefront of knowledge-sharing and cutting-edge technology solutions for the international energy industry. Their groundbreaking platform,, has revolutionized the way technology is discovered, accessed, and seamlessly implemented within the energy sector.

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At Deployment Matters, their vision is simple yet impactful - to make the process of finding suitable technology solutions in the energy industry as effortless as locating a restaurant, all while ensuring access to comprehensive support for successful implementation. This unique approach has enabled companies within the energy sector to accelerate their adoption of transformative technologies, bolstering operational efficiency, and driving sustainable growth.

The brains behind Deployment Matters are none other than its visionary founders, individuals with an impressive background steeped in invaluable experience. Having previously held key positions at a renowned international oil and gas operator, they were responsible for deploying cutting-edge technologies to support complex operations and projects. Their innate expertise allowed them to execute numerous technology implementations with unparalleled success, consistently delivering tangible results alongside their adept team.

It was this very experience that granted them a profound understanding of the intricacies and challenges involved in deploying technology within the energy industry. As they navigated through the complexities, a vision began to crystallize - the realization that an online platform could revolutionize the industry. The birth of was a direct result of this vision, offering a comprehensive catalog that connects revolutionary technologies with end-users in the energy sector.

The platform functions as a centralized hub, enabling energy companies to explore a diverse range of innovative technologies, each carefully curated to meet industry-specific needs. not only streamlines the search for game-changing solutions but also facilitates rapid access to essential knowledge, fostering efficient and effective implementation.

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During my tenure at Deployment Matters, I had the pleasure of collaborating closely with my esteemed ex-colleague, Floris from @atom, to create and integrate exciting new additions into Together, we played an integral role in expanding the platform's capabilities, further enhancing its user-friendliness and overall value to industry professionals. It was gratifying to witness how our contributions empowered businesses to make informed decisions, facilitating the adoption of breakthrough technologies that positively impacted their bottom line and contributed to a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, my journey with Deployment Matters and my partnership with Floris at @atom to build new additions for have been pivotal moments in my career. The experience allowed me to not only leverage my skills and expertise but also to be part of a transformative force driving positive change within the energy industry. I look forward to continuing my quest to innovate and contribute to technology's profound impact on shaping a better tomorrow. See the project